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Learn how to delegate like the CEO you were created to be before you hire


You are overburden and overloaded with tasks?

You feel like there is not enough time in the day?

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Say things like
“No one can do it like me?”

”If I delegate my task what would I do in my business”

How much should I delegate?

Sounds like your ready…. But Let me share a secret first


Delegation is not

 X  Thinking people can perform the task without you giving some type of instruction.

X  Passing along boring task you do not want to fulfill. 

X  Telling someone what to do just because you can


Join my One-day Masterclass
Learning how to delegate like the CEO you were created to be

This Masterclass will help you with

  1. Let go of confined thinking  

  2. Delegate effectively

  3. Improve delegation skills

  4. Prepare you to hire a team

So that you can spend your time on money making activities to scale your business to a new LEVEL

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What are the benefits of delegating?

Who is
this for?





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Khalima Green

Khalima Green have been appointed to be an influencer of abundance, that was not an assignment that was easy for her to accept. However, her faith commands me to educate, uplift and empower others to be active participants in the financial futures of their families. So every single day her mission is to encourage the world that the path of faithfulness will lead to a life of spiritual and financial fulfillment.


For 15+ years, She have served in the financial industry.  Surrounded herself around millionaires who taught her how to invest, and all the other avenues of wealth generation that the powerful use to live comfortably while the masses suffer. While she enjoy teaching the powerless how to become stronger, her true passion is helping you manifest a shield of protection that will allow that strength to be passed on to each succeeding generation. 

Along the way, she has developed "Purposeful Prosperity Principles" that she use to work closely with clients to achieve their goals. After doing a detailed analysis of each individual's financial position, she develop a customized investment strategy for portfolio growth.

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