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About the Founder

Khalima Green

Founder and CEO of Lady Kay Enterprises


Lady Kay Enterprises Inc is Business Protection  consulting firm servicing Individuals and entrepreneurs with the following:

I have been appointed to be an influencer of abundance, but that was not an assignment that was easy for me to accept. However, my faith commands me to educate, uplift and empower others to be active participants in the financial futures of their families. So every single day my mission is to encourage the world that the path of faithfulness will lead to a life of spiritual and financial fulfillment.


For 15+ years, I have served in the financial service and adminstration industry. I've surrounded myself around millionaires who taught me how to invest,

and all the other avenues of wealth generation that the powerful use to live comfortably while the masses suffer. While I enjoy teaching the powerless how to become stronger, my true passion is helping you manifest a shield of protection that will allow that strength to be passed on to each succeeding generation. 

Along the way,  I develop the passion to help women in business who are family oriented and strive to have a career of their own, I teach how to balance their home and work life by emphasizing the importance of team building.

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Life Insurance 


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